1:1 Mentorship Session


One on one Mentorship Session with Neel van Lierop, founder of Inner Compass cards.

If you look for a kickstart to activate your next step in life, book this precious 1-1 session with Neel. It’s her gift to bring light into places where you thought everything was dusk. Neel will get you ready for your next steps by renewing your vision based on your unique skills. In order to know what you stand for, you’ll need to know yourself first. Neel encourages others to walk their path. And their talk.

“Working with Neel offers an experience to explore and create deeper meaning in one’s life.” – K. S.

When to book a session?

  • If you feel stuck;
  • If you want to improve your health;
  • If you want to gain insight in yourself, your needs, your desires;
  • If you want to improve your work-life balance;
  • If you want to improve your relationship(s);
  • If you want to improve the connection to yourself (body, mind or soul);
  • If you’re feeling trapped in a running wheel, and don’t know how to get out

In order to change deeply rooted patterns that impact your mind, your body or your relationships, you have to dive into the subconscious mind. For it’s at least 92% of our entire ‘operating system’. In a 1-1 session Neel mirrors the information from your subconscious mind – about your desires, your blocks, and your truth – back to you. Together we use these insights, to create a vision for your next steps. In addition, Neel offers a broad scala of techniques and practices which will help you integrate the desired change in your daily life.

The realisation of Self is actually the only true purpose for this lifetime.


Practical information

This session with Neel will take place online. The link as well as the time for the appointment will be confirmed by email within 48 hours after booking. That depends on the time zone: For Europeans, it will be scheduled around 14h in the afternoon. For Americans most likely in the AM. The session takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Language: either Dutch or English.

Availability for July, August and September opens mid June.

For further questions, feel free to contact us: info@innercompass.cards


June 13 afternoon, June 14 afternoon, June 20 afternoon, June 22 afternoon, June 6 afternoon, June 7 afternoon, May 25 afternoon, May 23 afternoon, May 31 afternoon


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