Inner Compass Cards

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Inner Compass cards
The best way to connect to yourself
49 cards for inner guidance on your personal journey

The original Inner Compass cards are a very powerful instrument for self-reflection and personal growth. Each of the 49 cards represents a unique theme to help you awake the intuition and encourage you in your daily life. They guide you on a daily basis or whenever you need a question to be answered on a specific situation in your life.

Inner Compass cards are easy to use and perfect for anyone ready to reach his or her full potential in a playful way!

In today’s hectic life, full of distractions and noise, let these cards help reconnect you to that voice within. You will once again be able to set course following your own inner compass.

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This deck contains:

– a sturdy keepsake box filled with;
– 49 beautifully designed cards full of wisdom and symbolism;
– and a guidebook to help you interpret and integrate each card.

Inner Compass cards in Dutch and English are currently available


Dutch, English

4 reviews for Inner Compass Cards

  1. (verified owner):

    Wonderful cards, with a nice design and better messages, they get into your inner self and give you a moment of presence. Surprising how a random card can answer your thoughts, looks like magical.
  2. (verified owner):

    These cards have become a daily prayer prompt and a source of wonderful energy and reflection. I say morning prayer, focus my spirit on the day ahead of me and ask for a card to help me navigate the way. What do I need for today?
  3. (verified owner):

    The inner Compass brought me a better understanding of me. What I was looking for for many years. And also, it brings me a way to slow down and think about myself and my life. It is well designed and well thought.
  4. (verified owner):

    These cards are a blessing. Every day I start with drawing a spot on card that accompanies throughout my day. They are beautifully designed and the most profound tarot cards I have ever seen. Thank you!!
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