Inner Compass Full Guidance multi-3-pack

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This triple pack offers one deck to support you in finding direction in life,
as well as one deck that offers guidance for all of your relationships,
plus our Kids deck which brings children insights and tools to step into their power.

The original Inner Compass cards are a very powerful instrument for self-reflection and personal growth. Each of the 49 cards represents a unique theme to help you awake the intuition and encourage you in your daily life. They guide you on a daily basis or whenever you need a question to be answered on a specific situation in your life.

The Inner Compass – Love cards deck is designed to help you to experience love in all its possibilities, and to strip away all the armor you have built around your heart. The cards will stimulate your creativity and lead you to those clear spaces in which you can give and receive love absolutely. Not just romantic love, but the all-encompassing love that is your heritage as a living, breathing being.

The Inner Compass – Kids cards offer children insights and tools to step into their own power, in a playful manner. This deck is a unique and wonderful tool to pass on valuable life lessons, skills and values. It reminds children that they are loved; that we have to take good care of each other and the earth; that we all make mistakes, and that you get further as a team.

We ship worldwide from warehouses in the U.S. and Europe.


This Inner Compass Full Guidance pack contains:

– 3 sturdy keepsake boxes filled with;
– beautifully designed cards full of universal wisdom and symbolism;
– accompanying guidebooks to help you interpret and integrate each card;

The Inner Compass Full Guidance pack in English and Dutch is currently available.




1 review for Inner Compass Full Guidance multi-3-pack

  1. :

    I have the Inner Compass kids, love and original cards. I love how they guide me and my kids. The texts are clear and easy to understand and the illustrations are fantastic. Just love the cards
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