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The original Inner Compass Kids Cards By Neel van Lierop offer children insights and tools to step into their own power, in a playful manner.

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These beautiful cards provide valuable life lessons, to make children aware that they can be who they are, that they are allowed to make mistakes, that we should take care of each other and our planet, and that life is to be travelled together, not alone.

The Inner Compass – Kids Cards stimulate children, encouraging them to remain playfully positive and always believe in themselves.

Great for children to play with on their own, or to pick a card with their parents, siblings, grandparents, friends or teachers, to strengthen their bonds, start a conversation, and boost the child’s confidence and self-esteem.

A fabulous, playful and conscious way to start the day with your child, or as part of the bedtime ritual.

Neel designed these cards for children to help them connect with their unique strengths, so that they can conquer their challenges and follow their heart.


This Kids set contains:

  • a stylish, timeless storage box for all ages,
  • 36 beautifully illustrated cards,
  • a book with a charm for every illustration, so that children can start their day with a positive affirmation,
  • child-friendly instructions, explained in simple terms,
  • accessible
  • made from sustainable paper
  • available in English and Dutch.

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We ship worldwide from warehouses in the U.S. and Europe.



3 reviews for Inner Compass – Kids cards

  1. :

    The cards really helped me bond with my teenage daughter during lockdown when nothing else seemed to work, and lifted both our spirits. My mother in her eighties loved the cards too - definitely not just for children!
  2. (verified owner):

    Lovely card, pretty design (cards en box!), good quality and well recieved by mij kids ;-)
  3. (verified owner):

    These cards are so beautifully imagined and designed. I got them as a gift for my nephew in hopes of starting him with a mindfulness practice from a young age. While he is still a bit young to use them, (1.5), he loves looking at the pictures and selecting a card. They came so quickly in the mail as well (I'm in the US in California), and the company was very quick to respond to my emails. Highly recommend.
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