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Let love lead the way with this set of Inner Compass LOVE Cards! The love cards were specially designed to help you with questions about love and relationships.

It doesn’t matter how many followers and friends you have on social media: online contact can never replace real-life connections. Connections with others, as well as with yourself.

Used every day, these cards will help you to find your inner compass and encourage you to form healthy, inspiring relationships, by taking a long hard look at your thoughts, feelings, memories and behaviour.

They raise in-depth themes that help you to take your relationships to the next level, to set your personal course and clear your mind so that you can feel fully connected with others.

The cards are a playful way of rekindling your relationship with yourself and others, and are easy to use, together or alone.

The act of randomly picking a card opens a door to your unconscious mind, your powers of intuitive thought. They help with your personal development and are easy to use. This means that anyone can use the Inner Compass LOVE Cards.

Let your inner compass guide you towards purity in your relationships.


This Love set contains:

  • a stylish, timeless storage box,
  • 49 beautifully designed cards on powerful, profound themes,
  • accessible cards and an internal guide for every relationship in your life,
  • practical instructions with accompanying texts (per card) to help you interpret the cards and apply the insight,
  • made from sustainable paper
  • available in English and Dutch.

For every day inspiration

We ship worldwide from warehouses in the U.S. and Europe.



4 reviews for Inner Compass – Love cards

  1. :

    Beautiful design and lovely descriptions. I use them to start my day with love and gratefulness.
  2. :

    Love the artwork, too! I have the original Inner Compass cards, and wanted to have specific LOVE cards in the mix, as well. Just received it and am looking forward to meditating and reflecting on this deck, as well. Thank you!
  3. :

    Beautiful design and each card is a work of art. After showing mine to a friend, she was so taken with the whole philosophy of Inner Compass that she has sent for her own.
  4. :

    Ordered the set of the classic cards and these cards here and am happy whenever I use the two sets. Even though my native language is German, I wanted these cards in English because of the unique design. It was worth it. The texts are easy to understand and are always appropriate for the moment I draw one of them.
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